Living and Getting Around in Malaysia


SRI® College will assist in arranging accommodation for International students. Accommodation is usually on a sharing basis. If you have special requests or needs concerning accommodation, please notify the Student Services Executive.

Getting Around

Kuala Lumpur, widely known as KL, is the capital city of Malaysia. Petaling Jaya, known as PJ, is the largest neighbouring town to KL. During the first few weeks you will very likely begin to familiarize yourself with the city and its people, local life, customs and culture, transport, places of interest, shopping centres, post offices, banks, etc.



SRI® College has appointed an insurance company to provide students with a comprehensive medical insurance package. International students are required to take up the insurance package and undergo health checkup in Malaysia. Details of the package with enclosed registration forms are available from Student Services.

Living Costs

It is advisable to plan ahead for your expenses while you study and live in Malaysia. In addition to tuition fees, costs may at minimum include food, books and stationery, accommodation, clothing, travel, entertainment, healthcare, insurance, visa renewal, etc.


The local currency is Ringgit Malaysia (RM). It is generally easy to convert currencies at the money changers and banks in Malaysia. Most organisations in Malaysia accept major credit cards and some accept travellers' cheques.

Upon arriving in Malaysia, we advise you to open an account with a local bank. You will need to obtain a letter from Student Services for this purpose.


You can make phone calls through residential phones, public phone booths, and mobile phones. Communication via email has become quite popular. IDD call cards are available, offering special rates for overseas calls.

Orientation and Assistance

The International Student Centre at our Student Services Department will be glad to assist, should you have any doubt. It will be our pleasure to make you feel at home here. We look forward to welcoming you and wishing you SELAMAT DATANG KE MALAYSIA!