Diploma in Early Childhood Development

The Diploma in Early Childhood Development is designed to improve pedagogy and teaching skills. It also

seeks to complement the Government’s target through the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)

to ensure all preschool educators have a minimum diploma in early childhood development by the year


This 90 credit hours programme is suitable for school leaves or early childhood professionals with the

desire to attain higher qualifications to progress in their career.

Students would be be exposed to experiential learning and work experiences from Smart Reader®

Worldwide, a pioneer and the leader of early childhood education in Malaysia.

Entry Requirement:

  • School leavers


Minimum Requirement


3 Credits


1 Principle


2 E’s


3 B’s


Open for anyone



  1. Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)*


Minimum Age

Diploma in Early Childhood Development



*Working adults without SPM/SPMV or STPM can apply for a diploma programme with at least one year of

  working experience.


Mode            : Full Time (Weekday OR Weekend)

Intake           : January, May, September

Duration        : 2 Years OR 2 ½ Years

Programme Module



  • Introduction to Early Childhood Curriculum
  • Theories of Early Childhood Development (I)
  • The Development and Learning Process of Children (I)
  • English (I)
  • Effective Teaching Presentation
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B
  • Theories of Early Childhood Development (II)
  • The Development and Learning Process of Children (II)
  • English (II)
  • Developing Your Creative Skills
  • Attributes of A Good Teacher
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Motivating Children in Learning
  • Teaching English to Pre-schoolers
  • Administration of First Aid
  • Children’s Art & Craft
  • Creative Movement and Music
  • Islam Studies/Moral Studies
  • Understanding Children’s Behaviour
  • Music for Children
  • Storytelling and Songs
  • Different Forms of Play
  • Assessment of Teaching and Learning
  • Computer Aided Learning
  • Teaching Special Needs Children
  • Children’s Choreography
  • Learning in the Workplace


  • Effective Management Skills
  • Parental Involvement
  • Children’s Health


*Subject to change based on consultation with the Head of Programme.


  • elaborate on the fundamental knowledge of early childhood education
  • demonstrate social skills and responsibility as an early childhood educator for the benefit of the society
  • use their developed skills to understand children according to their age and capabilities
  • undertake the role as facilitator of the early childhood education programme
  • progress to obtain a degree in early childhood BA (Hons) in Education Studies and Early Years

Students who graduate with a Diploma in Early Childhood Development are able to find career opportunities in

the following areas:







                                    Advantages of this field

  • Earn a much higher salary!                                                                                                                                                                      

             Big earning potential! The potential to earn a higher salary!

  • Shorter and stable working hours!

         Have more time for family and other interests without the stress of irregular working hours.

  • A vast array of career opportunities! 

         Embark on a career as a budding children's book writer, song composer and many more!

  • Opportunity to run your own preschoo1!
  • Exciting and rewarding career opportunities await you! 

         The chance to encourage lifelong learning among children and to develop them to be the leaders of


  • Be a first mover!                                                                                                                                  

         Gain the first mover advantage!                                                                                                                           

         As the nation progresses towards having at least 80,000 certified preschool teachers by the year 2020,

         take this opportunity by being one of the firsts to receive a formal qualification in early childhood


         Huge potential for career advancement!

         Most private preschool teachers do not have a formal education in early childhood development. Seize

         this opportunity to gain this competitive advantage over them.