Objectives of KSSA


KSSA (Kolej SRI® Student Association) was officially established in 2009 with members comprising students who are pursuing various programmes of study at SRI® College. KSSA is managed by a committee of student members of SRI® College under the guidance of the KSSA advisor, Ms. Azrina Mazlin and a staff team from the College.

Students of SRI® College have a wide range of opportunities to develop skills in various aspects of leadership, team-building, motivation, creativity, innovation, effective team collaboration, problem solving and decision making towards win-win solutions. It is the belief of the institution that a well-balanced college education includes, not only knowledge and information gathering, but also the student’s active involvement and participation in extracurricular activities and events organised by SRI® College and KSSA.

KSSA will also take on the role of mediator, if need be, in discussions with the academic and management staff SRI® College. Furthermore, KSSA will design and promote a range of quality services and activities that are motivational and geared towards developing the students as future nation builders.


KSSA Objectives:

  • To stimulate intellectual, social and cultural growth in students of SRI® College.
  • To enhance students’ learning experience, leadership and communication skills through developmental programs and activities.
  • To foster a sense of responsibility towards the community and social awareness among the students in producing model citizens with upright morals and values.
  • To help students develop an aptitude for creativity and innovation so that they will be exemplary students who will be future nation builders.


KSSA Pledge

3H:      Happy – Extend warm welcome to all members

Help – Lead and guide one another in achieving goals

Hope – Realise one’s potential


KSSA Motto

Together We Strive For Educational Excellence

For Educational Excellence is Success

And that is our ultimate commitment and goal!